#CensureDonaldTrump #Censure45

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gives every citizen the right to petition Congress "for the Redress of Grievances." And the Senate and House of Representatives have the power to "Censure" (condemn) a sitting President for misconduct.

From the time Donald Trump assumed the Presidency, he has been engaging in continuing acts of misconduct requiring that he be Censured by both the Senate and House. While some of Trump's actions may be sufficient to support his impeachment, we believe that at a minimum they require his immediate Censure by Congress.

 Actions for which he must be Censured include:

1. Firing FBI Director James Comey for his refusal to terminate the FBI's investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election and his investigation of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn;

2. Disclosing classified information to Russian representatives in the Oval Office on May 10, 2017;

3. Disgracing the Office of President by repeatedly and knowingly making false statements to the press and public;

4. Wrongfully admonishing Attorney General Sessions for recusing himself from the Russian election interference investigation;

5. Continuing to receive profits and Emoluments from foreign governments in violation of Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution;

6. Ridiculing women on the basis of their looks and insinuating that they lack intelligence;

7. Withdrawing from the Paris climate accords;

8. Refusing to release his income tax returns;

9. Defending the improper effort by his son, son-in-law and Campaign Chairman to obtain damaging information from Russian sources about Hillary Clinton.

10. Encouraging police misconduct;

11. Adopting an unlawful immigration ban;

12. Adopting an unlawful ban on transgender people serving in the military;

13. Describing some violent racist protesters in Charlottesville as "very nice people";

14. Abusing the Pardon Power by pardoning flagrant law violator, Joe Arpaio;

15. Callously and cruelly withdrawing the protections of DACA from 800,000 "Dreamers."

16. Recklessly and crudely urging the owners of NFL franchises to fire players who non-violently and silently protest discrimination prior to games;

17. Recklessly threatening to “totally destroy” North Korea in violation of international law; 

18. Attacking the Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, for seeking additional federal assistance in connection with the Hurricane Maria humanitarian crisis; 

19. Ending ACA subsidies in the billions by Executive Order which will deprive low income citizens of desperately needed health care; 

20. Interfering with due process and the due administration of law by urging the Justice Department to prosecute Trump’s political opponents and adversaries, and urging capital punishment of alleged criminals before trial. 

For all of these reasons, and others specified in this Petition, he should be Censured by both Houses of Congress.